B&M and Delaware Consulting sign strategic merger

20 January 2022

Blacktrace advised on meger between B&M and Delaware Consulting to combine B&M’s innovative techniques and methodologies and Delaware’s implementation skills.


B&M Consulting




Financial services


August 27 2012




Performance management

B&M is the European pioneer in Performance Management which includes Strategy Management, Management Accounting & Control, Costing & Profitability Management and Strategic Risk Management. B&M helps forward-thinking organizations across different industries in becoming successful Strategy-Focused Organizations. With clear insights into the cost & profitability of products, services and customers, B&M provides its clients with the detailed information they need to take the right decisions and strategic actions. Delaware Consulting provides state-of-the-art solutions that are based on the proven platforms of SAP, Microsoft and OpenText. Delaware believes in a "gLocal" approach, based on the winning combination of local entrepreneurship and a global vision and collaboration. With entities in Belgium, China, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States of America, Delaware Consulting has a global presence offering continuity and flexibility to its customers. “B&M will continue to develop thought leadership in the domain of performance management as this has proven to be a crucial competitive advantage. Implementation of BI/performance management often fails because it’s not embedded as a management process. The combination of B&M’s innovative techniques and methodologies and Delaware’s implementation skills guarantees breakthrough results”, says Thierry Bruyneel, Managing Partner B&M.

“This partnership strengthens our strategy execution capability, even better aligning business and IT. Delaware Consulting indeed takes advantage of B&M’s thought-leadership and proven methodologies, reinforcing our ability to deliver strategy driven business solutions that lead to tangible performance improvements for our customers”, says Jan Delaere, Managing Partner Delaware Consulting.


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