Compliance Support

Compliance Support is a type of supervisory support individually tailored and addressed to Clients who conduct a regulated activity. 

Each of our Compliance specialists has practical, extensive experience gained while working as a Compliance Officer or supervision inspector at banks, brokerage houses and investment fund companies. 

Among the members of our team, there are also former employees of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. 

Compliance Support: 

  • As for entities at an early stage of development, it helps ensure that the key functions are implemented. All it takes is just a few hours remote support a month. 
  • As for institutions at a robust development stage, the scale of the support can be flexibly increased. It can shift seamlessly from remote support to the presence of CP specialists in the Clients organisation. 
  • An important portion of the tasks as part of the service is to prepare the Clients internal team to perform the Compliance function. 

Compliance Support also covers support for institutions outside the financial sector. In such cases, the experience CP has in the field of financial Compliance is a valuable reference to determine the Clients own Compliance system, to be tailored to the specifics of a non-financial industry. 

Przemysław Szpytka


Katarzyna Lamczyk