Financial sector

We know how important it is from the perspective of the financial market actors to build a steadily growing business, which responds to the changing customer expectations while maintaining compliance with the changing regulations and regulatory requirements. 

We understand that a good lawyer should know and understand the business they support just as well as they should know the regulations within which they act. 

Within our team, we have gathered practitioners with experience in brokerage houses, investment fund companies, payment institutions, banks, and the insurance market actors. 

We support our Clients in all legal aspects of their business: 

insurance companies – from creating and implementing the insurance product and sales solutions to claim settlement 

payment institutions – in particular, in designing and implementing regulations for new services (including in the FinTech area) 

brokerage houses, banks and IFCs – in building a legal framework for new services, issuing opinions on operational compliance, in trading activities 

We advise in the preparation, implementation and assessment of solutions required by law and recommendations of a supervisory authority. 

In problem situations, we assist in administrative proceedings. 

Among our services, a license-related activity occupies a special place – we appreciate the opportunity to represent our Clients in proceedings for granting permits to conduct a regulated activity. 

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