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At Compliance Partners, we serve our Clients by providing comprehensive tax and legal support in making business decisions. 

Our team is composed of lawyers (legal counsels and lawyers) and tax advisers with many years of experience in serving entrepreneurs across a number of industries. 

We support both international corporations and financial institutions, as well as local companies. 

What makes us stand out is that we perceive the challenges faced by our Clients in a broader context. The advisory services we provide are far from being one-dimensional or limited to a selected aspect. 

We believe that good communication and clear message are just as important as the knowledge and experience of our experts. We build our Client relationships based on partnership – we consider the mutual trust and personal commitment to be the basis. 

Over the years, we have created a team of lawyers which, based on a wide range of competencies and bountiful experience, assists entrepreneurs in solving all types of legal problems.