EXASUN raises growth capital at ING, ENERGIIQ and ABN AMRO

21 February 2022

EXASUN has raised capital (undisclosed amount) from ING, ENERGIIQ and ABN AMRO in order to further automate and increase capacity of its production facility in The Hague. The firm aspires to increase its production capacity to 100MW/year in 2018.




Capital raising


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May 18 2018




BIPV solar modules

EXASUN, founded in 2002, is a Dutch developer and producer of high quality solar modules for building integrated applications. It produces unique glass-glass solar modules with a high efficiency and lengthy lifetime. Over the past years, EXASUN has developed its advanced production line in cooperation with suppliers, European research institutes and renowned Dutch machine builders. In addition to the Black Glass module, EXASUN also produces innovative BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) modules for, amongst others, a waterproof PV-roof (Black Roof) and for PV facades (Black Facade). EXASUN sells its high-end PV systems to large construction companies like BAM, Sweco and Bouwfonds. but also to private customers like the well-known Dutch astronaut André Kuipers. Moreover, EXASUN is supporting ABN AMRO in making its entire real estate portfolio more sustainable. The firm currently employs ca. 25 people.

EXASUN anticipates on the huge demand that will arise and already exists for BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaics) modules. The Netherlands are a front-runner in the area of building-integrated solar systems due to strict building regulation. Standard solar panels are unfit for BIPV applications. EXASUN produces small and midsized panel, optionally in colour, that are specifically designed for this application. Moreover, EXASUN strongly believes that the current situation of PV production focusing around Asia will shift to local-for-local production.


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