Nederlands MerkGoed invests in e-commerce fashion boutique Orangebag

2 March 2022

Orangebag enters a new growth phase with this investment. Nederlands MerkGoed actively supports in accelerating the growth, with a focus on increasing the brand awareness, growing the collection, international expansion, and further optimalization of the customer journey. Current management stays onboard to lead the company in this new phase.






Consumer & Retail


July 15 2021




E-commerce fashion boutique

Orangebag offers a meticulously curated collection of clothes, accessories and shoes in the upper price segment, focused on both women and men. Orangebag distinguishes itself with a unique online ‘boutique shopping experience’ where the customer chooses from smaller brands and receives a lot of personal attention and service. This approach led to a customer base of tens of thousands of loyal customers. Since its founding in 2005, Orangebag has amongst others won an FD Gazelle Award for 8 years in a row. The company is active in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Nederlands MerkGoed is an investment firm backed by successful retail and consumer products entrepreneurial families focusing on accelerated growth of distinguished consumer brands. It invests in various brands and e-commerce platforms with a unanimous focus on the consumer and distinctiveness within a niche. The investment portfolio of Nederlands MerkGoed comprises amongst others Maison365, Passa Sports, Nomad, Dita International, Stoov and Limeau.

Orangebag founder Tineke Sluiter chose for Nederlands Merkgoed because of their knowledge in the field of marketing and brand building. “Orangebag grows for years now, but our ambitions reach further. We envision Orangebag to become a renowned name in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. A strong brand name is essential. We believe Nederlands MerkGoed is the partner to realize these plans with.”

Investment Partner Arnaud van der Vecht says Orangebag is a valuable addition to the Nederlands MerkGoed portfolio: “With Orangebag we invest in a true growth proposition. The company continuously shows good results, the customer loyalty is high and operations are smooth. We plan to scale up the business by working on the brand awareness.”


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