Oxford-based DeepPlanet raises growth capital from agri-technology accelerator Youtility

2 March 2022

DeepPlanet Ltd is a precision viticulture start-up applying and developing scientifically proven machine learning models to help growers and farmers make better farming decisions. DeepPlanet is founded by three Oxford alumnae and is headquartered in Oxford, United Kingdom.




Capital raising




October 13 2021


United Kingdom - Netherlands


Precision viticulture technology

The company develops and market a prediction SaaS platform for viticulture using satellite data, IoT sensors, and AI. The proprietary platform supports growers and farmers with numerous tools and insights such as crop health monitoring, water usage, disease detection, yield prediction, harvest date optimization, nutrition optimization. Platform performs at >90% (and increasing) accuracy, improves yield by c. 20%, and reduces usage of water, fertiliser and chemicals by at least 10%. Customers worldwide in amongst others Australia, New Zealand, United States, and France.

DeepPlanet raised capital in a pre-seed funding round to accelerate R&D, product development, and scale up SaaS platform.

Youtility is an agri-technology investment vehicle focusing on innovative deeptech start-ups and scale-ups. Blacktrace supported Youtility in this transaction.


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