Rensa Group acquires Libra Energy

2 February 2022

Libra Energy is a leading market player in the wholesale of renewable energy systems delivering to more than 1.500 professional installers. Its products portfolio is one of the broadest in the Dutch market. Furthermore, the firm is active in energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging solutions.


Libra Energy




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March 24 2017




Renewable energy systems

Rensa Group, founded in 1953 in Eibergen, consists of various specialized technical wholesalers involved in the trade of installation materials to professional clients. Companies already in the portfolio of the Rensa Group are; Albrand (underfloor heating and underfloor cooling), Gafco-Altron (air-conditioning and cooling technology), GévierDales (sanitary and water technology), Ominio (pipes and fittings), Rensa (heaters and ventilation) and Verholt (measurement instruments and pumps).

Jan Joosten, co-founder and general director of Libra Energy, explains: “The increasing demand for renewable energy systems and solar power requires a strong distribution partner. The vision of Rensa Group to serve the market with specialized trading companies is in line with the vision of Libra Energy.”

The director of Rensa Group complements: “The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy provides the installation sector new opportunities. Concepts like BANG and NOM are the standard of tomorrow and we as Rensa Group want to support the installers in the same way as we do with more traditional systems.” He concludes: “The acquisition of Libra Energy is a perfect example of win-win. Rensa Group puts its dense distribution network available and Libra Energy brings new expertise to Rensa Group.”


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