You Improve succesfully restarts Waterland Private Equity owned VLDV

21 January 2022

Blacktrace advised bankrupt VLDV to restart as the new company, You Improve.




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Business services


November 16 2013




Operational exellence consultancy

Van Lente & De Vos (VLDV) was a leader in the field of advice and support in the area of continuous improvement. Inhouse training of employees was one of the distinguishing features of its approach. The bankruptcy of a training partner and changes in subsidies (especially WVA education) led to uncertainty among investors and lenders. In the beginning of 2013 the company could therefore no longer meet its payment obligations and went bankrupt. You Improve is the name of the new company that is built on the foundations of the recently declared bankrupt VLDV. In addition to the knowledge, materials, software (cockpits) and subsidiary activity Finestri over 60% of the employees will be employed by the new company. You Improve will be led by former owners Dirk Jan van Lente and Patrick de Vos. Over two years ago they sold the shares to Waterland Private Equity Investments.


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